Learn To Create WordPress Websites For Business

  • What Will you Learn in WordPress Websites For Business?

    You are going to cover following topic in Learn To Create WordPress Websites For Business

    Build a professional nice looking website for you or your company.
    Sign for a hosting service with the initial investment of only $0.01! Amazing!
    Instead of paying $10 to $12 for a Domain Name I’ll show you how to pay only around $1/year
    Learn the basics of WordPress
    Have access to my list of Amazing Free Plugins that will change the life of your website!
    This is one of the Best WordPress for Beginners course! See you inside!

    Requirements to Learn To Create WordPress Websites For Business

    Don’t need to know website design or programming or coding in order to follow this course. We wont be doing any programming in this course, you will build your website without writing one single line of code. Amazing right? 🙂
    We’ll need to sign for a WordPress hosting service.
    You can have yourdomain.com
    We’ll buy your own Domain so your website will be www.YourDomain.com


    You will watch over my shoulder as we cover all this:

    Learn some very important points you need to consider to choose the perfect domain name for your website.
    Use amazing tools that will help you to find the perfect Domain Name.
    buy a domain name for around $1/year!
    how to start your Hosting plan for only $0.01 for the first month!
    l setup a hosting account to host all of your WordPress websites.
    You will learn step by step how easy is to install WordPress for your website/blog.
    how to set up WordPress settings for perfect performance.
    Free WordPress theme on your website.
    Step by step how to customize your WordPress theme to fit all your ideas.
    Posts in WordPress.
    Create Pages in WordPress.
    Learn WordPress!

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