• Being a Non-Tech with Marketing Background I was frustrated with challenges came across while I got a job with very small IT Firm. With my limited knowledge of Technologies I was hustling and having a hard time explaining and assisting my clients on Web Development, Software, Digital Marketing etc. Later I tried everything I could to gain much knowledge and info to retain my job as well excel in my career. I was constantly on the search for quality information, which could give me an edge over my clients. This wasn’t easy to find. Eventually, I did get command on the subject; It was not as complicated like most of the people assume to be. All it took was approaching the right platform for the Information. I have never thought to be a Web Developer or a software coder but I always wanted to be able enough, who knows the mechanism behind the entire process. I wanted to understand the process flow of a Web Development that I can pass-on my to my clients and build a trustful relation. Its painful but true that these days most of the clients who have such requirements are not aware of the technology and the companies or freelancers commits a unrealistic suggestions and users end-up wasting their money and time.


    The goal of this website is to provide quality information with tested resource (information) for those who are seeking domain expert’s tips and advice, free study references or tested freelancers along agencies who can help executing your dream project into reality at the best price and on a realistic timeline. With this medium I also wanted to offer, what I have learnt and continue to learn about Web Industry. I hope it helps those with similar aspirations and GOALS. I believe this platform can be a best suit to users who are looking to develop their own product(s), students who are IT aspirants, Professional – who are committed to learn new technologies and last but not the least Entrepreneurs – who are willing to learn more all about Web Technologies and grow their business.

    There Is More Than Selling on this Site !!! I don’t offer a specific program/package or service on the site. I offer experience to the users.


    There is always a New Feature, New Technique, New Platform getting Introduced and it becomes very hard even for Industry professional to keep updated with new changes and technologies available. And this thought brought me an Idea to come-up with this website where I can support all the users confronting the Industry experts to facilitate with best advice and proposal. My initiative is to bring value for money to clients and help them encounter the best Web Development experts who helps getting the entire idea developed into realty. All that stuff interests me and that interest is reflected on the site. It’s what keeps me going. While there is no product, the site does offer free tested themes, consultations, software, proposals etc.


    I thought of this site way back in 2016. I am still working on it to provide a better User Experience So, Suggestions and constructive criticism from site visitors are more than welcome and I believe will be invaluable to the site’s growth. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact me. I always appreciate those who take the time.

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